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Tuesday, 09 June 2015 08:45

Extrusion (from Latin extrusion — pushing out) — technological process of reception of products by punching melt through forming aperture.

Kinds of extrusion
• Cold extrusion — mechanical changes in a material owing to its slow moving under pressure and formation of this product with formation of the set forms are possible only.
• Warm extrusion (automatic volume expansion) — dry components of raw materials mix up with a certain quantity of water and submit in extruder where along with mechanical it subjects also to thermal influence. The product heats up from out of. Product extruder differs in small density, insignificant increase in volume, plasticity, and also a cellular structure. Sometimes it is necessary to be dried.
• Hot extrusion— process proceeds at high speeds and pressure, considerable transition of mechanical energy in thermal that leads to various changes on depth in material quality indicators. The adjustable supply of heat as directly to a product, and through external walls extruder can take place. The moisture Mass fraction in raw materials at hot extrusion makes 10 … 20 %, and the temperature exceeds 120 °C.

Grain extruder — machine for recycling of grain crops for the purpose of their improvement digesting to 50 %, inactivation antinutrients and destruction of harmful microorganisms.

Extrusion products produced on grain extruders:
Foodstuff: a corn stick, small pillows and tubules with a stuffing, crisp bread and straws, figured dry breakfasts, flakes corn and from other cereals, instant cooked porridges, a children's food, figured chips, den, a small ball from rice, corn, a buckwheat, wheat, for filling and strewing of chocolate products, ice-cream and other confectionery products, the food bran, a bulking up flour, breading, products of secondary processing of bread.
• Soya products: soyas’ texture, a concentrate (are applied in manufacture of sausage, sausages, cutlets and etc.), lumpy soya products (forcemeat, a goulash, a beefsteak, tinned stewed meat etc.), oils for a paint and varnish industry.
• Mixed fodders: a forage for fattening swine, poultries and cattle, a forage for cats, dogs, house rodents, a forage for trade and aquarian fishes, mixed fodders from a waste of processing of livestock farming.
• Technical products: the modified starch, a reagent on the basis of starch applied in petrol- and gas extraction, construction starch-containing mixtures, bases for glues, extrusion polystyrene foam.

Since 1998 at our enterprise release grain extruders , using a hot kind of extrusion, under the trade mark «BRONTO» have been mastered. ВRОNTO extruders models Е-150, E-500, E-500, E-500W, E-1000 and E-1500 are widely applied in feed mill and the food-processing industry. It is intended for extrusion processing of grain of wheat, barley, corn, peas, a rye, beans and a soya at production of high-quality mixed fodders for swines and ruminant.
Extrusion of braids through forming extrusion device matrixes is carried out at extruder. At the expense of a heat 110-160 °С, pressure 50 and shearing force there are structurally-mechanical and chemical changes are happened.
Complex structures of fibers and carbohydrates break up to more simple, cellulose - on recycling the sugar, starch - on simple (flat) sugar, the hazardous microflora is decontaminated, and there is a neutralization of inhibitor protease in the bean , tripsin and ureaz ( ureaz 15-0,17 % at norm of 0,1 0,2 % . Also at the expense of sharp pressure fall at an exit heated grain weight there is "explosion" (increase indimension) a product that makes its more accessible to influence of enzymes of a stomach of animals, increase assimilability to 90 %.

1. Smooth adjustment of feeding the grain with the help of vibro feeder, and for model Е-500W and Е-1000 with the help of screw feeder.
2. Digital indication of temperature in a homogenization zone.
3. The control of loading of the engine on the indicator «Ignition Current».
4. The mechanism of slicer divides a continuous stream of extruder on measured батончики.
5. Extraction of metal inclusions of magnetic detector.
6. Trimming of temperature of process and factor of explosion of grain axial moving of extrusion nozzle.

1.Extruder Е-250, E-500, E-500W, Е-1000 and E-1500 is certificated by UkrSePrO. Have passed the state tests and MinApK of Ukraine are recommended.
2. Increased durabilityscrews and sleeves.
3. Adjustment of humidity of initial raw materials in working body by means of humidifying system.
4. In a complete set with oil press reception of oils according to STATE VOLUME is guaranteed, process allows to keep all useful substances in an end-product. To an oil cake additional processing for feeding is not required to animals and poultry.
5. The technology of reception of the granulated forages for pets and poultry is developed and introduced.
6. It is applied in the food-processing industry to reception corn батончиков, components for confectionery products, textured soya fiber, fat-free soya flour, instant porridges.
7.It is possible to operate process of extruding and to reach the set technological parameters.
8. Convenience of operation and service.
In 2006 the enterprise also mastered a manufacture of extruder for briquetting of waste ЕВ-350 by productivity 350kg/ch (on raw materials for fuel briquettes).