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Effect of Extrusion of Corn on Growth Performance of Poultry in a Tropical Environment

Tuesday, 09 June 2015 10:44

The nutritional improvement of corn is of interest to animal producers because corn is one of the most important sources of dietary energy, in addition to other nutrients. The extrusion process may be a method to improve starch utilization of corn, such as enzyme susceptibility and digestion. The extrusion process significantly decreased (P < 0.01) ether extract, crude fiber, and moisture content of corn. 1,600 broilers (initially BW of 41 g) were used to determine the effect of extrudate and feed form on the growth performance in poultry during a 42-d growth assay.

Treatments were 1) conventional corn mash, 2) conventional corn pelleted feed, 3) +25% extruded corn mash, and 4) +25% extruded corn pelleted feed. Chicks fed pelleted feed, regardless of processing of corn, had a greater BW and feed conversion than those fed mash feed diet (P < 0.001). Extruded corn mash decreased the growth performance. Results suggested that optimal growth rate and feed conversion of birds raised in a tropical environment given extruded corn might be achieved by steam pelleting.

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