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Grain elevator parts & accessories


These devices are used for mechanization and automation of grain transportation, cleaning, drying and storage in elevators, granaries, grain-collecting stations and feed factories.

They are built in mechanized and automated transportation workflows for grain products and grain processing waste to the storage, purification, drying and processing equipment.

Types of grain elevator parts & accessories:

  • Pipes (gravity pipes) could be round or square used for the transportation of grain products under the influence of gravitational forces (without pressure);
  • Grain sliding gates and diverter valvesused for mechanical or automatic regulation of grain flow;
  • Aspiration devices used for transportation and cleaning of the grain.

Buy BRONTO equipment and be sure of its quality

We produce the reliable and standardized grain elevator equipment, which provides the grain transportation system at enterprises that are in process of construction or replace the worn devices during repair and modernization of production.