Do you know how to process 20 tons of soybeans per day? We do! We have both the answers and ready solutions!


Your feedstock is soy which is:

  • purified from admixtures in accordance with storing rule
  • dried prior its processing to 8%





The equipment should be placed in accordance to the plant’s territory layout, the existing buildings, access ways and power supply circuits.

The equipment consumes up to 75% of the installed power 122 kW. Also there is a possibility of extra power need for instance if you need the additional transportation systems or drying and dehulling machines.

The power supply network should provide not less than 160 kW.

The rooms for the soy processing plant should have a height of not less than 4.5 meters, while we highly recommend the 6 meters height. 

The area of the rooms will depend on the configuration of the plant.


You will need:

  • the truck weight calculator
  • store of unprepared raw materials
  • cleaning and drying place for raw materials
  • the warehouse of raw materials which is already prepared for processing
  • soybean processing territory  (the whole processing line)
  • warehouse for floor storage for the ready oil cake
  • soybean oil purification station
  • warehouse for storage of soybean oil
  • ventilation system
  • access ways for heavy vehicles


For example, for the installation of the processing line you will need from 120 m² of space.

The warehouse for floor storage for the ready oil cake - from 300 m².

Our specialists can rate the sufficiency of your territory and make the specification of the necessary equipment.


The task of our specialist is to:

  • assess the possibility / impossibility to create a soybean plant for your existing territory and premises
  • align your vision for the future placement of access roads, warehouses and production itself
  • adapt the typical soybean processing line to your criteria
  • produce layout arrangement for your plant
  • create a specification of all necessary equipment


As a result, you get a specification of the equipment and its layout on your territory that suits your conditions.

You will receive a full project made by a person who has already created dozens of the identical solutions for similar productions.

As a result you could see the whole picture and be able to make a decision whether you need the truck weight calculator or not, where to feed the ready oil out of the press, whether you need to create your own laboratory or not, what transportation systems to buy, whether you need the cooler or not and so on.

The specification will help to find out the price not only of the equipment, but also of the installation, startup and service.




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Cleaning and drying of soybean:





Dehulling system:





Оperational bins over the extruders:



Magnetic separator in front of the extruder:





Extruders for soybean:




Ventilated conveyor:




Oil pressil press:












Filter for soy oil:




Warehouse for oil storage:




Warehouse for press cake storage:





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