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People are searching for environmentally friendly and natural products such as chemical free oils or soy flour, stabilized rice bran which are so popular now and often seen in health food sections. Still lots of processing methods are based on solvents (hexane) usage which efficient of course but is it worth it?

Is solvent oil extraction the best variant for human or animals feeding?


The answer is simple: using hexane you’ll gain a good oil yield but the chemical is the chemical, no matter what they say.




How to get rapeseed (canola) oil in non-chemical way?


We offer the technology that combines high shear extrusion and mechanical oil extraction, no chemicals, no solvents. Simply saying we combined the preliminary mechanical oil extraction, high shear extrusion and final mechanical oil extraction.

The products we get are the rapeseed oil cake and oil.




The general characteristic of the rapeseed (canola) processing line are as follows:


Capacity - 12...24 ton per day

Installed power - 100...220 kW

The height of industrial premises - 4500 mm


The total area of the oil press-extruder-oil press technological line is from 250 m² (excluding the site for the preparation of raw materials, oil filtering, warehouses for raw materials and finished products).





The important step is to provide the right temperature of raw material which is up to 15-20°С. In our technological line we use the grain preheater GH-1000 (see picture above)


Power – 24 kW





The preheated rapeseeds are fed into the oil press RP-500 where the seeds are preliminary squeezed and as a result we get the cold pressed rapeseed oil.




If your aim to obtain the capacity of 24 tons per day you may use the technological scheme with two oil presses RP-500 being engaged.

The capacity of one oil press RP-500 – 22 kW

The oil content of the oil cake – 25- 30% (the oil yield up to 27%)

The oil cake temperature is up to 55 °С




Being discharged from the preliminary oil press the half fatted oil cake is fed into extruder E-1000R




Inside the extruder barrel under the high shear the product is compressed, mixed and heated.


The tasks of the extruder:

  • cutting the oil cake into smaller pieces
  • heating up the oil cake up to 105-115°С


Power - 92,5 kW

The screw feeder SF-250 feeds the meal from the extruder into the final mechanical oil press.



sf250 20170629



The perforated upper cover of the screw feeder helps to regulate the oil cake temperature; the nozzles for steam removing are also considered a good advantage while handling the product between processing equipment.

Power – 1,1 kW


rp1000 2017062904


The final mechanical oil pressing is done with the oil press RP-1000 under the temperature of 90-100°С

Capacity – 46,5 kW

The oil content of the ready oil cake – 8-10% (the oil yield up to 20%)


The last step is cooling the oil cake down. From the oil press the meal is fed into the cooler OE-1000 which helps to prevents

the protein denaturation in the oil cake.

oe1000N 20160510

Capacity – 4,5 kW


After the oil cake had been discharged from the cooler, its temperature is 10°С higher than the temperature in the shop.

After cooling, the oil cake is transported to the finished product warehouse. Rapeseed oil production final stage is filtering and clearing the oil.


If you have any questions, please contact us anytime.