This extruder has been designed for production of fish feed with high protein content (up to 55%) and fat content (up to 25%)



Extruder for fish feed is the best solution if your aims are:

  • increase the protein content in the ready feed
  • manufacture the floating aquafeed
  • increase the digestibility of grain components in the stomach of the predatory fish
  • increase the productivity of water ponds in which fish are grown



The extruded feed floats from 15 to 30 minutes. During this time the fish swim to the water surface and eats it all.

The bottom of the water pond (or pool) is not polluted; the feed remains do not rot.



The advantages of the floating fish feed:

- the feed is eaten away

- it does not pollute the water

- it reduces the risk of any possible diseases  



Extrusion and granulation are two technologies for fish feed production

But only while extruding, the starches are transformed and they can be easily digested in the fish stomach.

Extrusion gives a good increase of the feed digestibility (feed efficiency) which is of 15...25% compared to granulation.

Aquafeed extruder processes the mixture under the high pressure and high temperature of 80…120°С. The general cooking time of the mixture inside the extruder is quite short and it takes only 25…45 seconds.



Let’s take a closer look at the processes that occurs.



Firstly due to the extrusion the harmful microorganisms are destroyed, secondly – since the cooking time is too short the protein components do not lose their natural qualities, thirdly, the starch gets converted into simple digestible forms.



The extruded feed is more expensive than a simple feed mix or granulated feed, but:

- it allows to increase the fish weight; for example if you use the simple feed  then 1 м³ of water pond gives you  2-3 kg of fish

- if you use the extruded feed  1 м³ of water pond gives you  30-50 kg of fish

- you can  control the contamination of food microorganisms as a result you can save on fish treatment

- you can produce food with different densities - floating, sinking or slowly sinking.

Fish feed extruder mixes, compresses, heats the mixture and reduces the density of the ready pellets.



Characteristics of the final product:

pellet size is 3 mm.

the form of the ready pellets depends on the forming die you will install.

density of the pellet is 0,4 ... 1,1 t / m³ (depends on the recipe and processing modes of the extruder)



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