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Production technology of extrusion polysaccharide food products

Thursday, 17 August 2017 18:44

Grinding machines

To begin with, the original grain raw material is subjected to grinding by means of roller machines and hammer crushers. Subsequent re-grinding occurs in knife, gear, disk and other types of griding machines.

Mixing machines

Ready-crushed grains are mixed in various mixers to obtain a homogeneous mass. Such mixers can be conditionally divided into two main groups: periodic and continuous action. Depending on the design of the mechanism distinguish vertical / horizontal, blade and screw mixers.

Mixers mix bulk products together, as well as bulk products with liquid components; the designs of such machines slightly differs.


The production of extruded polysaccharide food products is not possible without the use of extruders themselves. There are different types of extruders:

- Single-screw

- Double-screw

- Multi-screw

- Сylindrical

- Disk

- Combined, etc.

In the process of extrusion, under the influence of high temperature, active thermomechanical destruction occurs. As a result, protein substances are preserved, and polysaccharides are converted into more easily digestible oligosaccharides. Thus, the useful properties of food products are increased.