The next 2 extruders E-1000 BRONTO for grain was sent to Belarus

Monday, 05 November 2018 07:57
In November 2018  to Globalprodservice company - the official representative in the Republic of Belarus were sent the next 2 extruders Е-1000 for the production of extruded compound feed components

New large Indian soybean processor purchased 4 extruders E-1000 BRONTO

Wednesday, 31 October 2018 07:51
In October 2018 a new client from the state of Madhya Pradesh purchased 4 Extruders E-1000 Soya from the BRONTO official representative in India - SASIL EXIM company 

New 3 extrusion complexes for full-fat soybeans have been delivered to customers from Ukraine

Sunday, 28 October 2018 07:49
In October 2018 complexes for production of extruded full-fat soybean were sent to customers from Lviv, Zhytomyr and Dnepropetrovsk regions

Another mechanical briquette press in Romania

Wednesday, 24 October 2018 07:45
In October 2018 the official representative of BRONTO in Romania - the VILSCOM company delivered the next Mechanical briquette press LB-500  for the production of fuel briquettes from plant waste

New productions of solid biofuels by equipment BRONTO begin their work in Ukraine

Friday, 19 October 2018 07:40
In October 2018 the next 2 Ukrainian manufacturers begin production of fuel briquettes from sawdust by Extruders EB-350 and Automatic briquette cutters BC-300 manufactured by CherkasyElevatorMash

BRONTO extruders at the International Extrusion Congress in Argentina

Thursday, 11 October 2018 11:26
On October 18-19, 2018 the official representative in South America - Global eXtent will present BRONTO extrusion technique at the International Extrusion Congress in Santa Fe, Argentina

BRONTO extrusion lines at the exhibition in Bucharest

Thursday, 11 October 2018 11:20
From October 31 to November 4, 2018 the official representative of BRONTO in Romania and Bulgaria - VILSCOM will present extrusion equipment for the production of vegetable oils, animal feeds and solid biofuels at the international exhibition INDAGRA-2018 in the capital of Romania

30 Extruders BRONTO for soybeans delivered to India this season!

Wednesday, 10 October 2018 11:11
Next 4 Extruders E-1000 for full-fat soybeans were shipped in the 2nd decade of October 2018 to India. So 30 BRONTO extruders for soy processing have been already supplied by the official representative of BRONTO in India - SASIL EXIM company to Indian customers only this season! Customers from Madhya…

Extruder E-500 BRONTO in Serbia

Tuesday, 09 October 2018 10:57
In October 2018 the next extruder E-500 BRONTO was shipped to official representative in Serbia - PRO-X BRONTO

Another BRONTO extrusion line for soybean oil and cake in Romania

Sunday, 07 October 2018 10:54
In October 2018 BRONTO and the official representative in Romania - VILSCOM sent to the customer another line based on the E-1000 extruder and OP-1000 oil press