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Séchoir à bande BDP-1000


dried soya chunks (TVP), soya nuggets, pet food, dog food, fish feed pellets after extrusion or desiccated fruits. Lowering their moisture content from 25% to 8%



1000 kg / hour

Moisture content

max 8 %

Moisture of raw material

max 25 %

Drying agent temperature

60 ... 110 ºС

Product fraction

3 ... 25 mm

Bulk weight of raw materials

0,3 ... 0,5 t/m³

Air consumption

10 000 m³ / hour


21 100 mm


3 900 mm


4 000 mm

Product loading height

2 850 mm

Product discharge height

700 mm


max 20,000 kg

Steam consumption

430 kg / hour

Thermal power of steam heaters

2х115=230 kW

POWER (without steam)

not more than 18 kW

BELT DRYER BDP-1000 is used in soy snack, pet food, fish food production lines or dried fruit production lines. The temperature of the drying process: 60...110 °С / the temperature of the discharged product: max 40°С

Drying purpose:

  • gentle and uniform removal of moisture from the product
  • preventing the formation of crust or cracks on the surface of the product
  • provide food moisture required for long-term storage


We propose to prepare a solution that will help:

  • use our tumble dryer in your production area
  • integrate a belt dryer into your line
application for the layout solution


  • Parameter control: residence time in the dryer, amount of heat agent, amount of steam
  • All parts that contact the feed pellet are made in food-grade stainless steel
  • The product is agitated during drying

Belt dryer BDP-1000 to dry up to 3 m³ / hour of raw material, which is distributed over the plates of the drying floor with a maximum layer of 140 mm.

The product passes through a drying zone and a cooling zone. The residence time in the dryer: 15 to 40 minutes.


Fraction of raw materials for our belt dryer: 3 … 25 mm


Drying floor is assembled from perforated plates.


Floor area:

  • drying zone – 24 m²
  • cooling zone – 10 m²

Temperature and humidity sensors are installed in the drying and cooling chamber.


Assurance qualité

Warranty period – 1 year

production is ISO 9001:2015 certified
our belt dryer machines are designed for continuous and uninterrupted operation


Once the warranty period has expired, we will continue to provide support for the sold equipment: we sell spare parts and perform technical service not limiting the support period.



The BDP-1000 BELT DRYER is typically integrated into texturized, pet food and complete aquaculture feed lines.

It provides efficient, gentle and homogeneous drying of granules, snacks, fruits and guarantees high-quality drying of the final product.


Product movement.

Raw materials are continuously fed and evenly distributed over the deck plates.

During drying, the product is mixed with special agitators.

After passing through the drying stage, the product is transported to the final cooling zone.

Built-in cooler, allows you to lower the product temperature to ambient temperature or above ambient temperature by 10 ° C.

The ability to adjust the flooring speed ensures an even distribution of the product. The speed of movement of the decking in the dryer, drying temperature, inlet air flow and exhaust air flow are controlled for each section of the dryer.



How the air flows

The air is blown through the openings in the deck plates in the cooling zone by means of a blower fan. Fan speed (air volume) is controlled from the control panel.

The blower fan blows air from the cooling zone to the air heaters of the drying zone.

Then, with the help of 2 air heaters, the air that is drawn from the cooling zone is heated and evenly passes through the product bed.
With the help of an exhaust fan, moist hot air is removed from the drying zone – the product is dried.

The temperature inside the drying chamber is constantly measured, these measurements automatically control the speed of the deck plate, which ensures the most efficient drying time and consistent product quality.

The moisture content of the product is controlled by a laboratory method.



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