Drying systems

Grain dryer


soybeans, dried to 8% and chilled


Productivity for soybean:

when drying from 18% to 12% (for storage), t / hour

max 5

when drying from 12% to 8% (before processing), t / hour

max 2

Length, mm


Width, mm


Height, mm


Volume, m³


Number of sections, pcs.


Number of modules, pcs.


Number of fans, pcs.


Number of burners (propane-butane or natural gas), pcs.


Propane-butane consumption to reduce 1 t /% moisture, l.

1 ... 1,25

Natural gas consumption to reduce 1 t /% moisture, m³

0,8 ... 1,7

Installed power, kW



We propose to use a similar dryer in the soybean processing line – TO INCREASE OIL YIELD AND REDUCE RESIDUAL OIL PRESSURE.

ATTENTION! We are not the manufacturer of this dryer.


Soybeans are stored in elevators at a moisture content of up to 12%.

If soybeans are processed with such moisture, the residual oil content of the cake will be 10 … 11%.

If the raw material is pre-dried to 8%, the oil content of soybean meal will be 7 … 8%


Additional oil yield: min 2%.


With a processing line capacity of 24 t / day – additional oil output: min 0.48 t / day.




  • Can run on solid fuels
  • The body of the dryer is made of imported galvanized steel with a coating of 250g / m²
  • Low flame octagonal burners are used
  • Automatic maintenance of the set temperature
  • Solenoid valves and valves - made in Italy
  • Can be equipped with burners in both chambers

Based on the data on additional oil yield, electricity and gas costs, you can easily make a decision about the advisability of using this dryer in your soybean processing technology.


The presence of a large number of handrails and ladders allows convenient and safe inspection and maintenance of all parts of the dryer.

Electronic components of Schneider Electric and Siemens (Germany) are responsible for the trouble-free operation of the electrical part of the grain dryer, and a high-tech security system minimizes the human factor in the operation of the equipment.

The modern control panel panel allows you to remotely enter and control operating parameters such as:

  • air temperature in the drying chamber
  • grain temperature
  • burner operating parameters
  • operation of loading and unloading systems
  • security messages

The design of the grain dryer allows you to easily increase its performance by increasing both in length and height, and the compact overall dimensions and the absence of the need for a capital monolithic foundation make it easy to supplement an existing technological line of any grain cleaning complex.


Warranty period – 3 years



Wet grain is fed to the top of the dryer, where it is evenly distributed along its entire length using a screw.

After filling with grain, the auger automatically turns off and turns on at the command of the filling sensor.

The air heated by a gas burner in the upper chamber under the pressure of the fan passes through a uniform layer of grain, heats it and removes moisture outside through the perforated walls of the sections.

To cool the grain to the storage temperature, a fan of the lower chamber of the dryer is used.

The performance of the grain dryer depends on the initial moisture content of the grain and the selected drying mode and is regulated by the speed of rotation of the metering rollers located at the bottom of the grain sections along the entire length of the dryer on both sides.

After the rolls, the dried grain falls on the lower auger of the dryer and is transported further for cleaning or storage.

In the case of cooling grain in external ventilated bins, the dryer completely heats the grain in itself with two burners, thereby doubling its productivity.


The complete set of the grain dryer can include:

  • electrical cabinet and remote control
  • evaporators of the liquid phase of propane-butane (subject to operation from liquefied gas)
  • delivery to the place of installation
  • installation on a foundation prepared by the customer
  • start-up of a grain dryer
  • training of personnel to work on the equipment


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