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Feed production line capacity: from 250 to 2000 kg / hour


Performance depends on the recipe, the quality of the raw materials, the installed equipment and its settings.


The feed is made on the same line, but:

  • different recipes
  • different diameters of forming dies

As a result, the difference in productivity is about 150 kg / h



We manufacture machines in series and assemble technological lines from them for the production of food for pets and fish.

Equipment manufacturer: BRONTO

Equipment and technical support can be ordered from representatives in 23 countries




The completeness and characteristics of machines in the feed line depend on the basic feed recipe.


The basic recipe is the one with which you plan to enter the market: the percentage composition of the feed, its shape, granule size, specific gravity.

We understand that your recipes will change over time.

But the vision of what you are planning to work with will allow you to choose the optimal set of equipment FOR YOUR PROJECT.



  • Grain input: min 15%
  • Functional protein intake: unlimited
  • Non-functional protein intake: max 25%
  • Fiber input: max 25%
  • Moisture content of the mixture before the production of feed: 8 … 20%
  • Fat content of the mixture before the production of feed: max 8%
  • Fat content of feed after production: max 35%



Power line (in the shop): min 250 kW



Extruder E1500: 70 … 140 kg / h

Dryer BDP1000: max 430 kg / h

Steam consumption: max 570 kg / h


In the extruder, steam is fed into the preconditioner to preheat the mixture to 80 … 90 ° C – before extrusion.


In the dryer, the feed is not dried with flue gases or steam.

The coolant temperature in our technology does not exceed 120 ° С (optimally 70 … 90 ° С). Otherwise, you would lose the fodder condition of the feed.


Heated air comes into contact with the granule. It is blown through the heaters.

Steam circulates in the heaters, which gives off heat to the air, which then heats up the raw material / pellet.

The same air removes moisture from the dryer, which evaporates from the feed.


We can manufacture hoppers with twin screw feeders – for components.

We can make a microadditive feeder.

Delivery – to the weighing hopper.

Then – unloading into the mixer.

The outlet is a dry mix ready for extrusion.

Feeding into the extruder hopper or into the operational hopper in front of the extruder.


We solve this issue as part of the line layout solution – when the recipe and premises in which the production will be located are known.



90 … 140 ° С – the temperature to which the raw material can be heated – is measured in front of the forming die of the screw part of the extruder.

The feed mixture is heated up to this temperature within 30 … 35 seconds, while moving from the preconditioner to the pellet cutter.

The loss of fodder properties of fats, protein components and starch-containing components does not have time to occur.

There is a partial loss of vitamins – therefore, it is compensated by an increase in their introduction into the feed mixture (before extrusion).

The extruder has 2 cooling cups – controlled through the water supply system. Connection via a chiller is possible (we do not produce).



As a result of extrusion / expansion, the moisture content of the feed pellet can be 20 … 25%.

In the dryer, the product is carefully dried to a moisture content of 8 … 10% and pre-cooled to a max of 40 ° C.



Since the fat content of the mixture before extrusion is limited to max 8%, the missing fat according to the recipe is introduced into the coater.

Depending on the recipe, an additional 5 to 30% fat is added to the granule.


At the coaching stage, the following should also be entered:

  • Fat-soluble and water-soluble premixes
  • Hydralized additives
  • Dry additives




In order to prevent moisture condensation in sealed food packages, after coating, the feed pellet is forcibly cooled to a maximum of 5 ° C above the ambient temperature.

After cooling, the pellet is packed and shipped to the finished product warehouse.


We propose to make a layout solution:

  • For your productivity
  • For your recipe
  • For your premises
  • For your power generation conditions


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