Grain preheaters



  • for heating raw materials to 15 ... 20 ° C in the cold season
  • for efficient extrusion and oil extraction in the cold season


rapeseed, sunflowers, soybeans, cereals


for heating raw materials to 15 ... 20 ° C in the cold season



20 t / day


4430 mm


1320 mm


2820 mm

Air consumption

2000 .... 2500 m³ / h


1050 kg


24 kW

Is used to preheat the grain feedstock up to 15-20°С. It could be used in the cold season so that the processes of extrusion and oil pressing proceed more efficiently.


  • heating control - from the control panel
  • unloading - with a screw feeder
  • heat carrier heating - by an electric heater
  • economic energy efficiency


The grain preheater GH-1000 has been designed to preheat the grain crops up to 15-20°С.

1 – Inlet hopper
2 – Heating section
3 – Outlet
4 – Hot air feeding system
5 – Settling chamber


The grain preheater GH-1000 (see fig. above) consists of the inlet hopper 1, the heating section 2, the outlet 3, the hot air feeding system 4 and the settling chamber 5.

The heating section is a structure with a rectangular cross-section of 1050 x 1250 mm and a height of 1030 mm. Inside the heating section the inlet and outlet ducts are installed, due to which the hot air passes through the grain layer.

6 – Fan ВРП-4
7 – Filter ФВ 600х350
8 – Heater НК 600х350х21,0х3
9,10,11 – Air кондуит
12 – Pressure relay PS-500
13 – Pressure relay PS-4500
14 – Gate valve РРВ 600х350


Fan 6 is designed to feed air to the system in the amount of 2000-2500 m3/hour.

The air moves through the filter 7 and the heater 8 while it is being warmed up. The already warmed air flows to the heating section 2.

The pressure relay 12 controls the contamination of the air filter and the pressure relay 13 controls the successful operation of the fan.

The air feed is regulated by the gate valve 14.

From the heating section the air moves to the settling chamber 5, where dust and small particles settle down. Afterwards the residuals through the filters are

released into the atmosphere.

The capacity of the grain preheater GH-1000 is 1000 kg per hour.


The grain feedstock is fed into the inlet hopper 1 and moves through the heating section 2


As a result of contact with the hot surface of the boxes and hot air the feedstock is heated.

The output of feedstock is carried out and through the outlet nozzles.

The heater is equipped with a control cabinet and a frequency-pulse regulator.

The frequency converter regulates the temperature of the heating elements and consequently the temperature of the air for feedstock heating.

The control cabinet is is a metal assembly with openable front door which carries the controls and visual display instruments.


Warranty period is 1 year

  • all machines are certified according to ISO 9001: 2015
  • our soybean oil press are designed for continuous and trouble-free operation

The raw material is heated by contact with the hot surface of the ducts and hot air. The frequency converter controls the temperature of the heating elements of the channel heater, and, consequently, the temperature of the air intended for heating grain.

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