Сentrifugal fans



Wood chips and sawdust, metal dust, grain and cereals, dust and slag in the welding industry, dusty air in the production of cement and reinforced concrete structures.


Productivity, m3 / hour.

1 000 ... 1 800 (-10%)

Full pressure, Pa

1 120 ... 1 380 (±5%)

Impeller speed, not more than min-1


Diameter of an impeller / impeller, mm


Noise level, no more than dBA

80 (±10%)

Length, mm


Width, mm


Height, mm


Weight, kg


Designed to move non-explosive, non-abrasive dust-gas mixtures with a temperature not exceeding 80 °C with a content of dust and other mechanical solid impurities in the amount of not more than 0.6 kg / m3 in the absence of sticky substances and fibrous materials.

The radial dust fan of the RDF-4 type is applied to removal of wood shavings and sawdust, suction of metal dust from machines, system of pneumotransport of grain and at production of groats, removal of dust and slag at welding production, system of selection of dusty air at production of cement and reinforced concrete designs.

The fan must be operated at an ambient temperature of minus 40 ° C to plus 40 ° C, in temperate and tropical climates, 2nd and 3rd placement categories. At protection of the engine against direct influence of solar radiation and atmospheric precipitations for a temperate climate – the 1st category of placement in accordance with GOST 15150.

  • Fans are installed outside the areas of long-term stay of people.
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The principle of operation of the fan is to transfer mechanical energy from the rotation of the electric motor of the impeller, the flow of gas-steam mixtures, by aerodynamic impact on it by the blades of the wheel to give the flow of translational motion.

The fan must be installed on a flat horizontal platform, floor, foundation with a slope of not more than 5 mm per 1 m.

There must be a free space of at least 1 m on each side of the fan for its maintenance.

  • For fans with a duct connection to the duct, make sure that the straight section of pipe is 2.5 diameters of the impeller.
  • For fans with no inlet connected, make sure that the space provided is sufficiently protected from human access and is at least 1.5 times the impeller diameter (Dк).
  • For fans with a connected outlet, make sure that the straight section of pipe is 2.5 diameters of the impeller (Dк).
  • Для вентиляторів з підключеним випускним патрубком, переконайтеся, що пряма ділянка труби дорівнює 2,5 діаметрам крильчатки (Dк).

When connecting the motor to the control cabinet, you need to control the direction of rotation, which is indicated by the arrows on the motor housing.


  • The fan must be earthed via the TN-S system according to IEC 60364-5-51


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