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The oil presses are screw-type machines used for mechanical extraction or pressing the vegetable oil from oilseed crops. It is a non-chemical technology that makes it possible to obtain perfect ingredients such as oil and oil cake to be used in the feed industry.

We manufacture oil press machinery to press vegetable oil from soybeans, sunflower seeds, canola, flax, olive pits, grape seeds, mustard seeds, etc.
Оil cake is known as meal from soybeans, sunflower, rapeseed or canola with a residual oil content of no more than 8 … 10%.

What actually happens inside the automatic screw oil press? We’ ll explain it briefly and quite simply. The feedstock is moved along the press cage being squeezed and pressed.

Under pressure, the oil seeps out through the press cage gaps and gathers into the oil reservoir below. The oil is filtered in order to remove the fine solid particles, it is purified from other substances and can be used as a livestock feed component or as a food product.

In general, the oil making process is the main goal of our customers, but except the oil, we also get the press cake with the oil content of 7 … 8% and temperature 105 … 120°C. After the oil cake is discharged from the press, it is cooled down with the cooler. After that, its final temperature is 10 … 15 degrees above the workshop temperature, and the oil cake is ready for storage for up to 3 months.

Technologically the oil presses could be differentiated into:

  • oil extraction presses used for preliminary mechanical oil extraction

  • expellers used for final mechanical oil extraction


  • cold oil presses (processing temperature is up to 60°C)

  • hot oil presses (processing temperature starts from 60°C)

The oil content of the seeds differs from each other, which directly affects the operating parameters of the screw oil press, therefore we produce several types of oil presses to ensure that the residual oil content of the cake does not exceed 8%.

We complete oil production plants so as to minimize the oil content of the product, preserve and improve the nutritional properties of the oil cake, and make optimal use of the customer’s premises.

For a soybean oil plant we use the technological scheme extruder – oil press – cooler.
To reduce the anti-nutrients in the oil cake and heat the raw materials before pressing, an extruder is used. Soybean oil content up to 25% reduces cake oil content up to 8% in one single pressing. A cooler is used to preserve protein conditions.

Canola seeds contain up to 45% fat. Therefore, pre-pressing is added to the technological scheme of a canola oil plant: press – extruder – press – cooler.
The first oil press reduces the oil content of raw materials to 23 … 25% at temperatures up to 55 … 60 ° C. Then raw materials are heated in the extruder to 105 … 120 ° C in order to improve the oil yield. After the second pressing in the press-expeller, the fat content of the cake is 8 … 10%. After the final pressing, the cake is fed for cooling, and the produced canola oil is fed for settling and filtration.

The technological scheme of the sunflower oil plant is similar to rapeseed / canola: press – extruder – press – cooler.
The difference is that sunflower contains not only 42 … 52% of fats, but also 15 … 20% of husks. Before pressing, up to 70% of husks must be removed.

For flax, olive pits, grape seeds, mustard seeds, cocoa beans BRONTO completes its technological chain and manufactures oil press parts.

BRONTO oil presses have a user-friendly design for operation and maintenance, high wear resistance of press cages starting from 5,000 tons of processed raw materials. The oil presses, gears, bearing units, motors have been designed to withstand the double and even triple overload of the nominal capacity. BRONTO oil press is easy to assemble and disassemble without additional equipment lifting. High production capacity, reliability and uninterrupted operation are guaranteed.

Buy our screw presses for continuous, efficient and cost-effective pressing of vegetable oil.